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Utility for obtaining the dependency graph from ES6 modules.


es-dependency-graph only works for source code that the Esprima parser can parse. This does not include the whole ES6 syntax at the moment. In light of this limitation, you should consider this module experimental until the ES6 syntax is standardized and Esprima can parse it.

This module only analyzes imports and exports declared using the ES module syntax. Dynamic calls to the ES Loader will not be taken into account. If your application uses the System loader to load modules, you should consider using a tracer like the SystemJS build tool.


depGraph(source, [options])

es-dependency-graph exports a single function that takes a string with source code and returns an array of the dependencies in that module:

var depGraph = require('es-dependency-graph');

var result = depGraph('import foo from "bar"; export default foo;');
// returns an array like ['bar']

If the includeBindings option is set to true, then the depGraph function will return an object containing all the imported and exported names of the module:

var depGraph = require('es-dependency-graph');

var result = depGraph('import foo from "bar"; export default foo;', {
    includeBindings: true
/* result looks like this:
    imports: {
        'foo': ['bar']
    exports: ['default']

Optionally, if you're already dealing with an AST that contains ES6 imports or exports, you can pass that AST object to the depGraph function:

var esprima  = require('esprima'); // Make sure your Esprima version supports ES6!
var depGraph = require('es-dependency-graph');

var ast = esprima.parse('import foo from "bar"; export default foo;');
var result = depGraph(ast);

Note: none of the dependency names are normalized. It's up to you to decide how to normalize them.


If installed with npm install es-dependency-graph -g it can be used as a global command dep-graph paths... [options] which will generate a JSON file with all the dependency information. Try dep-graph --help for more information.


This software is free to use under the Yahoo Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.


See the CONTRIBUTING file for info.


Get the imports and exports from your ES6 modules




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