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Juan Pinto's MA Thesis Manuscript

This repository houses the current state of my Master's thesis, Creating a Frequency Dictionary of Spoken Hebrew: A Reproducible Use of Technology to Overcome Scarcity of Data. The final thesis will soon be housed in the theses and dissertations archive of the University of Texas at Austin, here. This GitHub repository provides an open record of my research and writing process for whoever may be interested.

Some important links:

  • The latest compilation of the PDF can be found in output/thesis.pdf. Note that the markdown files (here) may contain more up-to-date sections, since I don't compile and push the PDF every time I make changes. The markdown files also include notes on needed additions / corrections that don't show up in the PDF.
  • I have created a separate repository for the frequency dictionary itself, along with all the code used to create it, here.

I am writing this entire thesis in Markdown, with some minimal LaTeX as well. All of the individual .md files can be found in the source folder. My file structure and makefile follow a modified version of @tompollard's phd-thesis-markdown repository. The compilation is handled by Pandoc.

Feel free to leave comments via issues.

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