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- clean: ['~']
- shell:
- [git submodule update --init --recursive, Installing submodules]
- shell:
- [cp -f $PWD/powerline-fonts/**/*.ttf $HOME/Library/Fonts, Installing TTF fonts]
- [cp -f $PWD/powerline-fonts/**/*.otf $HOME/Library/Fonts, Installing OTF fonts]
- shell:
- ["ruby -e \"$(curl -fsSL\"", Installing Homebrew…]
- [brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask, Installing Homebrew Cask…]
- [brew tap homebrew/services, Installing Homebrew Services…]
- [brew cask install iterm2, Installing iTerm2]
- [brew cask install firefox, Installing Firefox]
- [brew cask install google-chrome, Installing Google Chrome]
- [brew cask install java, Installing latest Java]
- [brew tap caskroom/versions && brew cask install java7, Installing Java 1.7]
- [brew cask install eclipse-jee, Installing Eclipse]
- [brew cask install the-unarchiver, Installing The Unarchiver]
- [brew cask install calibre, Installing Calibre]
- [brew cask install spectacle, Installing Spectacle]
- [brew install git git-extras, Installing Git and Git extras]
- [brew install zsh, Installing ZSH]
- [brew install maven, Installing Maven]
- [brew install pandoc, Installing Pandoc]
- [brew cask install wkhtmltopdf, Installing HTML to PDF conversor]
- [brew cask install dropbox, Installing Dropbox]
command: [echo "/usr/local/bin/zsh" | sudo tee -a /etc/shells, Add ZSH as a valid system shell]
stdin: true
stdout: true
stderr: true
command: [chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh, Changing shell for current user]
stdin: true
stdout: true
stderr: true
command: [sudo chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh, Changing shell for root user]
stdin: true
stdout: true
stderr: true
- [brew install reattach-to-user-namespace, Installing sane copy&paste for terminal]
- [brew install node, Installing NodeJS]
- [npm install -g grunt-cli bower, Installing Grunt and Bower]
- [brew install ruby-build rbenv, Installing rbenv]
command: [rbenv install 2.2.3 && rbenv rehash && rbenv global 2.2.3, Installing Ruby 2.2.3]
stdin: true
stdout: true
stderr: true
command: [gem install bundler rake, Installing Bundler and Rake]
stdin: true
stdout: true
stderr: true
- [brew install rbenv-bundler rbenv-gem-rehash rbenv-gemset, Installing Ruby utils]
- [brew install vim --override-system-vim --with-lua --with-tcl, Installing Vim]
- [brew install tmux, Installing Tmux]
- [gem install tmuxinator, Installing Tmuxinator]
- [brew install ag, Installing The Silver Searcher]
- [brew install todo-txt, Installing Todo.txt]
- link:
~/.dotfiles: ''
~/coffeelint.json: coffeescript/coffeelint.json
~/.gitconfig: git/gitconfig
~/.githelpers: git/githelpers
~/.gitignore: git/gitignore
~/.gemrc: rubygems/gemrc
~/.timrc: tim/timrc
~/.tmux.conf: tmux/tmux.conf
~/.todo.cfg: todo-txt/todo.cfg
~/.todo.actions.d: todo-txt/todo.actions.d/
~/.vimrc: vim/vimrc
~/.vim: vim/vim/
~/.zlogin: zsh/zlogin
~/.zlogout: zsh/zlogout
~/.zprezto-themes: zsh/zprezto-themes/
~/.zprezto: zsh/zprezto/
~/.zpreztorc: zsh/zpreztorc
~/.zprofile: zsh/zprofile
~/.zshenv: zsh/zshenv
~/.zshrc: zsh/zshrc