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Final Project

W241 Field Experiments

  • Syllabus:
    • The importance of experimentation: reverse causality, sample selection
    • Comparing apples to apples: randomization and independence, potential outcomes
    • Quantifying uncertainty: sampling distributions, randomization inference, p-values, statistical power, confidence intervals
    • Blocking and clustering
    • Covariates and regression: randomization check (diagnostic), omitted-variable bias without randomization
    • Heterogeneous treatment effects
    • Incomplete control over treatment delivery: one-sided non-compliance, CACE vs. ATE
    • Spillovers
    • Causality from observational data: natural experiments (IV), difference in difference, regression discontinuity
    • Additional topics: (differential) attrition, mediation, generalization of results, observation versus experiment, prediction versus inference, attempts to fix observational data (propensity scores, matching)
  • 5 problem sets and a final project (all using R): "Investigating the effect of competition on the ability to solve arithmetic problems."
    • A randomized controlled experiment in which 300+ participants were assigned to a control group or one of two test groups to evaluate the effect of competition (being compared to no one or someone better or worse).
    • Presentation