MPS-BUNDLE is a wrapper (barely a makefile) that builds several of my numerical libraries (tensor, mps, f2c) for convenience.
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This is a wrapper project that installs the mps and tensor libraries in a
self-contained location, downloading them and building them with whatever
systems are available in your computer. It also allows for rebuilding the

software only when changes were done in the original repositories.


No installation required. Type

   # make build

from the command line and it will start the process of downloading and
configuring the software. At later times do 'make build' again and the
system will re-compile itself.

The software will be installed in the bin/, include/, lib/ and shared/
directories within mps-bundle, which means you can run this from your
own home directory.

Once the software is built and installed, you can use the directory
'project/' to configure a Makefile that builds your programs. This file
is customized for our group's needs, but it should be general enough
for other purposes.


You need a working copy of Microsoft's Visual Studio C++ (native, not
managed) or Microsoft's C/C++ compiler. The libraries build at least
with the following combinations:

* Microsoft Visual C/C++ professional version
* Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008-2010 installed together
  with Microsoft Windows SDK (we need the 'nmake' in SDK).
* The Microsoft Windows SDK standalone version, prior to 2013,
  because it shipped with a version of the compiler.
* Visual Studio Express 2013 C++.

You need to download the sources of the 'f2c', 'cblapack', 'tensor' and
'mps' libraries within the 'mps-bundle' directory. They can be retrieved
from the same github repository as where you got this distribuion.

Open a terminal that has access to the command line version of the
compiler. Typically, if the VS is installed in "Program Files/Visual
Studio 2008" you will see a file called "vcvarsall.bat" Other
combinations contain documents that explain how to do this, or simply
install icons in the menu to open terminals that access the compilers.

Within this terminal, enter the directory mps-bundle/msvc and call
'nmake'. This should build the libraries msvc/lib/mps.lib,
msvc/lib/tensor.lib, msvc/lib/lapack.lib, msvc/lib/cblas.lib,
msvc/lib/blas.lib and msvc/lib/f2c.lib. You can configure your
projects to link against these libraries, using the header files in