Emacs minor mode to highlight search results in all the buffeer until you clear them or make another, like Vim hlsearch option.
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Emacs Evil-Search-Highlight-Persist Minor Mode

IMPORTANT: this project is currently unmaintained; I went back to Vim as my main editor. If someone want to take over this just fork and we can update the elpa links.

This Emacs extension will make isearch and evil-ex-search-incremental (the "slash search") to highlight the search term (taken as a regexp) in all the buffer and persistently until you make another search or clear the highlights with the search-highlight-persist-remove-all command (default binding to C-x SPC). This is how Vim search works by default when you enable hlsearch. This extension requires the "highlight" extension.

To enable:

(require 'highlight)
(require 'evil-search-highlight-persist)
(global-evil-search-highlight-persist t)

;; To only display string whose length is greater than or equal to 3
;; (setq evil-search-highlight-string-min-len 3)