Emacs minor mode to highlight search results in all the buffeer until you clear them or make another, like Vim hlsearch option.
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Emacs Evil-Search-Highlight-Persist Minor Mode

This Emacs extension will make isearch and evil-ex-search-incremental (the "slash search") to highlight the search term (taken as a regexp) in all the buffer and persistently until you make another search or clear the highlights with the search-highlight-persist-remove-all command (default binding to C-x SPC). This is how Vim search works by default when you enable hlsearch. This extension requires the "highlight" extension.

To enable:

(require 'highlight)
(require 'evil-search-highlight-persist)
(global-evil-search-highlight-persist t)

;; To only display string whose length is greater than or equal to 3
;; (setq evil-search-highlight-string-min-len 3)