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GitHub Action for publishing a new release to
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GitHub Action to publish new releases

Action wraps the Sentry CLI to publish new releases on


An example workflow to release a new Sentry version:

workflow "Release a new version" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = "release version"

action "release version" {
  uses = "juankaram/sentry-release@master"
  secrets = ["SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN"]
  env = {
    SENTRY_ORG     = "foo"
    SENTRY_PROJECT = "bar"
    ENVIRONMENT    = "development"


  • SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN - Required. The authentication token to use for all communication with Sentry. (more info)
  • SENTRY_ORG - Required. The slug of the organization to use for a command.
  • SENTRY_PROJECT - Required. The slug of the project to use for a command.

Environment variables

  • RELEASE_VERSION - Optional. Custom version tag. Defaults to ${SENTRY_PROJECT}@$(git describe --always --long).


Heavily inspired by GitHub Actions.


The Dockerfile and associated scripts and documentation in this project are released under the MIT License.

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