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Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

These are Jupyter notebooks of my notes on differential equations. It is an introductory course and teaches both the mathematical concepts of ordinary differential equations and how to solve them using Python. Initially it concentrates on analytical techniques and uses sympy. Further down the line scipy is used when numerical techniques are introduced. I think this is truely the wrong way around to do this. The analytical techniques are alway done upfont. They are used as an examination barrier for entry into the world of differential equations and that is just madness. They are very nice intelectual games and a lot of fun to do, but must not be allowed to turn people away from differential equations. Ultimately, to get some work done, you need the numerical techniques and these are great to tackle in with some crafty computer code. I'll stick to the basics when it comes to the analytical techniques. Give it a try.


Jupyter notebooks on differential equations and how to solve them using Python.






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