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Chocolate Duke3D

Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D is the equivalent of Chocolate Doom.

A port that:

  1. Remains as faithful as possible to the original source code.
  2. Portable and compiling in one click on Windows, OS X and Linux.
  3. Aimed at education, with lots of comments and documentation added in order to help programmers to understand and learn.


SDL and SDL_mixer to compile and run the code.

An original copy of Duke Nukem 3D (specifically the DUKE3D.GRP file from the original CD).


Linux: Use 'make' (.grp in binary working directory and with rw permissions) Windows: Use Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2012
OS X: Use Xcode 4.0


Project Initiator: Fabien Sanglard Linux Tweaks: Juan Manuel Borges Caño

More Information

Linux Integration Review of the Duke 3D source code

chocolate-duke3d (Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D) Linux integration licensed GPLv3 by Juan Manuel Borges Caño

Copyright (C) 2013 - 2014 Juan Manuel Borges Caño :-) Thanks through email (suggested subject chocolate-duke3d) or/and Payments through blog with BitCoin, Flattr, Western Union and PayPal Welcome :-)