Crossbrowser uploader based in Mootools that support HTML5 chunk uploading
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A crossbrowser uploader based in Mootools


  • HTML4 upload
  • HTML5 chunk upload (Forget the server upload limitation) ;)
  • Flash upload (Use Swiff.Uploader)
  • Automatic selection (Choose the best upload method)
  • Multiple file selection
  • Autostart upload option
  • File listview option
  • Progress bar
  • Multilanguage
  • External triggers (onSelect, OnFileUpload, onFinishUpload...)
  • Minimun and maximun file size detection
  • Maximum files selection
  • Asynchronous file upload (only with HTML5 and Flash)
  • Selector file type filter (Works only with Flash and partially with HTML5) ...


Screenshot 1


  • Mootools 1.4.3
    • Elements.Event
    • Fx.Elements
    • Fx.Tween

How to Use

See demo