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Clever backtrack. Try, for each digit backwards fixing number of required
repetitions (tr).
Then backtrack in a way that you only generate numbers with the correct
ammout of repeated digits.
import System
import System.Collections.Generic
import System.Linq.Enumerable
primes = PrimeNumbers(100000)
def backtrack(a as long, d as int, kn as int, kr as int, tn as int, tr as int) as long:
if tn-kn-(tr-kr) == 0:
while tr-kr:
a = a*10+d
return (a if primes.IsPrime(a) else 0)
res = 0L
sa = a
bound = (tr-kr+1 if kn>0 or d!=0 else 1)
for i in range(bound):
for j in range(10):
if j==d: continue
if sa==0 and j==0: continue
res += backtrack(sa*10+j, d, kn+i+1, kr+i, tn, tr)
sa = sa*10+d
return res
answer = 0L
for i in range(10):
for j in range(9, 0):
b = backtrack(0, i, 0, 0, 10, j)
if b:
answer += b
print answer
assert answer == 612407567715
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