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HillPace is a library for planning running races. It can take the GPX or TCX of a route and a reference pace (the pace you would go on ideal conditions) and generate planned paces by segments, based on configurable external factors like the climb grade of each segment.

Note: This is a work in progress, but the core of the code is functional.

Code Climate


Go to the root directory of the package and run:

bundle install


Add this to your gemfile:

gem 'hillpace'

And take a look at the Example section.

Main dependencies

Important: Notice that geoelevation needs the whole SRTM database to work and it will download it automatically on ~/.elevations.rb on the first run (this can be hundreds of MB, but it is only necessary once).

Code organization


All classes in the codebase are tested, and you can run those tests by typing:

bundle exec rake tests


An example can be found in examples/race_planning.rb, and it can be run this way:

bundle exec rake example

We use a GPX exported from this Garmin Connect activity which maps the 2015 Granada Half Marathon.

The example is assumed to get that GPX and an input pace of 4:08 minutes per km, which is my theoretical pace for a flat course, and gives the following output:

Example: Granada Half Marathon (from flat surface pace: 4:08 min/km)
0.0Km - 1.0Km (incline 1.85%): 04:30 min/km
1.0Km - 2.0Km (incline 0.65%): 04:15 min/km
2.0Km - 3.0Km (incline -2.7%): 03:41 min/km
3.0Km - 4.0Km (incline 0.0%): 04:08 min/km
4.0Km - 5.0Km (incline -1.6%): 03:51 min/km
5.0Km - 6.0Km (incline 0.53%): 04:14 min/km
6.0Km - 7.0Km (incline -1.03%): 03:57 min/km
7.0Km - 8.0Km (incline 0.2%): 04:10 min/km
8.0Km - 9.0Km (incline -0.4%): 04:03 min/km
9.0Km - 10.0Km (incline 2.3%): 04:36 min/km
10.0Km - 11.0Km (incline -0.47%): 04:02 min/km
11.0Km - 12.0Km (incline -0.31%): 04:04 min/km
12.0Km - 13.0Km (incline 1.99%): 04:32 min/km
13.0Km - 14.0Km (incline -0.5%): 04:02 min/km
14.0Km - 15.0Km (incline 1.47%): 04:25 min/km
15.0Km - 16.0Km (incline 0.68%): 04:15 min/km
16.0Km - 17.0Km (incline -0.95%): 03:57 min/km
17.0Km - 18.0Km (incline 0.5%): 04:13 min/km
18.0Km - 19.0Km (incline -1.6%): 03:51 min/km
19.0Km - 20.0Km (incline -0.49%): 04:02 min/km
20.0Km - 21.0Km (incline 0.19%): 04:10 min/km
21.0Km - 21.23Km (incline -0.43%): 04:03 min/km


Determine estimated running paces for a course depending on climb grade




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