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Live Proof-of-concept

A live / usable proof-of-concept for this project can be found at To start using it, simply enter a unique name for your room in the input field, and press ENTER.

Invite others

To invite others to join your room, simply share the URL of your room's page. It is possible to skip the homepage altogether, and create your very own room by going to the room URL directly.

URL format

All URLs are prefixed by /v/. To join a room named sample, simply go to

Watching videos

Upon joining a room, you'll be greeted by two panels. One on the top-right, and a second one on the bottom-left. The one on the bottom-left is the controls panel. From here, you can play, pause, skip, or reset a video.

controls panel

Searching for a video

Additionally, you can use the search-bar at the top of the panel to search for YouTube videos. Simply type search keywords for a particular video, and press enter. You'll be greeted by search results such as the ones below:

search results

Queuing a video

To add a particular video to the queue, click on the name of your preferred one from the list of search results. The video will automatically be added to your queue.

If there currently is no video playing, or the video that was previously playing has ended, your newly queued video will be automatically removed from your queue, and begin playing for everyone in the room.

To exit the search results panel and go back to the queue, click the "X" button located where the panel controls are found.

exit search results

Previewing a video

You can preview a video from the search results before queuing it by clicking on its thumbnail instead of its name. Upon clicking a search result's thumbnail' a new panel will appear with the embedded video, allowing you to ensure that it is the video you want. Click the X icon at the top-right in this new panel to return to the list of search results.

The queue, etc.

To learn more about the queue, visit the queue's wiki page. Keep reading the wiki to learn more about user-specific queues, room-wide queues, roles and user permissions, the chat, and chat commands.