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Role Name

Terraform plan

For create the infrastructure in AWS execute:

terraform plan

terraform apply

For get a graph with the resources creted with terraform ...

sudo apt-get install graphviz or

terraform graph | dot -Tpng > minecraftTF.png

ansible-playbook -i minecraft/inventory.yml -u ubuntu --sudo minecraft/minecraft.yml --extra-vars "host=ec2 boot=yes"

ansible-playbook -i -i minecraft/inventory.yml -u ubuntu --sudo minecraft/minecraft.yml --extra-vars "host=ec2 ansible_user=ubuntu boot=yes minecraft_user=ubuntu minecraft_server=minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar max_player=20 distance=10 memory=678"

terraform destroy

Ansible Roles


Ansible (Tested in 1.9) SSH access to servers (Recommended RSA keypairs for SSH access)

Example Playbook

Including an example of how to use your role (for instance, with variables passed in as parameters) is always nice for users too:

  • hosts: '{{host}}' roles:
    • { role: /Users/jvherrera/repositories/minecraft_ansible/yauh.java8, when: host != 'pi' }
    • /Users/jvherrera/repositories/minecraft_ansible/minecraft


ansible-playbook -i inventory.yml -u pi --ask-pass --sudo minecraft.yml --extra-vars "host=pi boot=yes/no (optional)" //with password user ansible-playbook -i inventory.yml -u ubuntu --sudo minecraft.yml --extra-vars "host=ec2 boot=yes/no (optional)" //with keypair RSA

Kubernetes Cluster with kops and Minecraft in AWS

export KOPS_STATE_STORE=s3://k8s-juanvi2-state-store

export NAME=juanvi.k8s.local

kops create cluster --zones eu-west-1a ${NAME}

kops edit cluster ${NAME}

kops create cluster --zones eu-west-1a ${NAME} --yes

kops update cluster juanvi.k8s.local --yes

kops validate cluster

kubectl get nodes --show-labels

kops get cluster

kops edit ig --name=$NAME nodes

kops edit ig --name=$NAME master-eu-west-1a

kubectl apply -f

kubectl proxy --port=8080 &

kubectl run sample-nginx --image=nginx --replicas=2 --port=80

kubectl get pods

kubectl get deployments

kubectl expose deployment sample-nginx --port=80 --type=LoadBalancer

kubectl get services -o wide

kubectl create -f deployment-minecraft.yaml

kubectl get rc

kubectl get pods

kubectl create -f service-minecraft.yaml

kubectl describe service minecraft

kops delete cluster --name=$NAME —yes



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