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Interface between emacs' org-mode and
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README for org-seenthis.el

What is it

org-seenthis.el is an attempt to provide an interface between Emacs’ org-mode and SeenThis. The project provides some basic functionality but is still at an early stage.

Installation and setup

Grab the latest org-seenthis.el version from GitHub :

cd ~/.emacs.d
git clone

Then add the org-seenthis directory to your load-path and load it by adding something like this to your .emacs :

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/org-seenthis")
(require 'org-seenthis)

To use the SeenThis API you have to sign up for an account and provide your username and password. This can be done by prompt when needed, or by setting up the following variables :

(setq org-seenthis-user "myuser")
(setq org-seenthis-password "mypass")


For the moment, only two basic functionalities are provided : one to get a set of SeenThis entries from a user feed and convert them as org-mode subtrees, and one to post a new entry to SeenThis from an existing org-mode subtree.

Getting entries from SeenThis to org-mode

To get the latest entries from a SeenThis user, just place your point at the place you want the new entries to be inserted, and use M-x org-seenthis-get-entries.

You will then be prompted for a SeenThis user name (default to the one in org-seenthis-user, ie yourself). A request will be made to the API, and the latest entries will be converted, each as an org-mode subtree, and inserted in the current org-mode file.

You can pass a prefix argument to the function to get older entries. Something like : C-u 25 M-x org-seenthis-get-entries.

The entry content will be converted as follows : citations will be put in a quote block, SeenThis tags will be inserted as subtree tags, and some additional informations such as the SeenThis id, dates and url will be inserted as subtree properties.

Post an org-mode subtree as a SeenThis entry

To post an org-mode subtree as a Seenthis entry, it has to follow a certain structure. Something like :

* Title of my entry                       :tag1:tag2:tag3:

This is a citation for my entry

And this is a comment for my entry

If you place your point in this subtree and use M-x org-seenthis-post-entry, it will be converted appropriately and posted to your SeenThis account.

Once posted successfully, some properties will be added to the subtree, such as the SeenThis message id. When these properties are found, the next call to org-seenthis-post-entry will not create a new entry on SeenThis but instead replace and update the existing one (PUT request instead of POST).

Integration with org-capture and org-protocol

org-capture is an org-mode set of functions that allows to quickly add a new entry to an org-mode subtree. org-protocol is an org-mode contrib that allows to call org-capture directly from your browser. It can achieve quite similar functionalities as the SeenThis bookmarklet.


First you have to install and setup org-protocol. Please follow the detailed instructions at the project page :

Then you can use something like the following org-capture template to get a subtree appropriately formatted to SeenThis :

 (setq org-capture-templates
       '(("z" "Org-protocol Perso" entry 
 	(file+headline "~/org/perso/" "Inbox") 
 	"*** %:description %^g
 :created: %U


When a new snippet is captured from a web browser or another source with this template, the function org-seenthis-post-entry can be used directly to publish it on SeenThis.

Small tricks

You can force the creation of a new emacs frame when capturing from your browser with org-protocol. Just add something like the following to your .emacs :

(add-to-list 'org-protocol-protocol-alist
               :protocol "capture-new-frame" 
               :function jb-org-protocol-capture-new-frame 
               :kill-client t))

(defun jb-org-protocol-capture-new-frame (data)
  "Process an org-protocol://capture-new-frame:// style url."
  (org-protocol-capture data))

And then update your browser bookmarklets and replace org-protocol://capture:// occurrences by org-protocol://capture-new-frame://.

Sometimes you may also be annoyed but repetitive Buffer still has clients, kill it? messages. To suppress them just add this to your .emacs, but after the (server-start) directive :

(remove-hook 'kill-buffer-query-functions 'server-kill-buffer-query-function)

Source :

Known bugs and limitations

Many many many. the code has been sparsely tested and lacks most of needed error checking.

The following bugs and limitations are already known :

  • org-mode markup such as bold or italic is not converted when posting to SeenThis
  • local file or image links are not exported properly when posting to SeenThis
  • Both entries and comments are retrieved when importing from SeenThis
  • If there is a line of tags at the end of an entry, it is not deleted when importing from SeenThis, but the # are removed at the start of each tag
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