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**Quarto users : ** these templates are only suitable for RMarkdown documents. I published one quarto custom format called bookup which is a porting of the robobook template.

This R package provides ready-to-use HTML output formats and templates for RMarkdown documents. The goal is to produce clean documents "out of the box", with or without the RStudio IDE.

Formats gallery

The package provides several HTML output formats. Click on any image to see an HTML output sample.


Taken from the docute project theme and its adaptation by John Coene. Responsive, with a dynamic table of contents and a dark theme switcher.

downcute example

downcute chaos is a variation created by Zac Garland. It has a slightly different color theme, and defaults to dark mode. To use it, add a downcute_theme: "chaos" option in your YAML preamble.

downcute chaos example


Adapted from the bookdown theme, with Roboto family fonts. Fully responsive with dynamic table of contents and collapsible navigation.

robobook example


Format taken from the Material design theme for Bootstrap 3. Document is split into pages at each <h1> header, and the table of contents allows an animated navigation between these pages (you can use the cards: false preamble parameter to disable the splitting and display all the cards at once).

material example


Adapted from the corresponding readtheorg theme of the org-html-themes project, fully responsive with dynamic table of contents and collapsible navigation.

readthedown example


Simple and clean template with dynamic table of contents, very similar to the one from the great knitrBootstrap package by Jim Hester.

html_clean example


Simple template, no table of contents. CSS heavily inspired from the default one of the docco project.

html_docco example


lockdown is an exact copy of the default RMarkdown html_document template, with an added functionality : each time you click on a link to get out, you'll see a friendly reminder to wash your hands and wear a mask. Yes, it is a (bad) attempt at a (bad) joke, sorry !

lockdown example

Features and helpers

Features matrix

Responsive Dynamic TOC Dark mode Thumbnails / Lightbox Code folding Tabsets Bad joke
html_docco x x x x
html_clean x x x x x
readthedown x x x x
material x x x
robobook x x x x x
downcute x x x x x x
lockdown x


The package also provides RStudio document templates to easily generate an empty and ready to use rmarkdown file with several configuration directives.

It also provides the pilltabs() helper function, which allows to display a crosstab dynamically. See one of the output samples for a live example.


You can install the latest stable release from CRAN :


Or the latest development snapshot from GitHub :

install.packages(remotes)  # if necessary

Creating a new document

Just create a new Rmd file and add the following in your YAML preamble :

output: rmdformats::<template name>

Within RStudio , you can also choose File > New File... > R Markdown..., then select From Template. You should then be able to create a new document from one of the package templates.


Depending on the features provided by the template, you can add the following options to your YAML preamble. Look at the template function help page for a valid list :

  • fig_width : figures width, in inches
  • fig_height : figures height, in inches
  • fig_caption : toggle figure caption rendering
  • highlight : syntax highlighting
  • thumbnails : if TRUE, display content images as thumbnails
  • lightbox : if TRUE, add lightbox effect to content images
  • gallery : if TRUE, add navigation between images when displayed in lightbox
  • use_bookdown : if TRUE, will use bookdown instead of rmarkdown for HTML rendering, thus providing section numbering and cross references.
  • embed_fonts : if TRUE (default), use local files for fonts used in the template instead of links to Google Web fonts. This leads to bigger files but ensures that the fonts are available
  • additional aguments are passed to the base html_document RMarkdown template

Example preamble :

title: "My document"
date: "`r Sys.Date()`"
author: John Doe
    self_contained: true
    thumbnails: true
    lightbox: true
    gallery: false
    highlight: tango


  • Magnific popup lightbox plugin
  • The CSS for the html_docco format is heavily inspired from the default one of the docco project.
  • The CSS and JavaScript for readthedown is adapted from the corresponding readtheorg theme of the org-html-themes project, which is itself inspired by the Read the docs Sphinx theme.
  • The CSS and JavaScript for material has been taken from the Material design theme for Bootstrap 3 project and its presentation page.
  • The CSS for robobook is directly derived from the bookdown project template.
  • The CSS for downcute is directly derived from the default theme of the docute project and its adaptation by John Coene for some of its projects documentation.
  • The downcute chaos theme has been created by Zac Garland.
  • JavaScript and HTML code for code folding and tabbed sections are taken from the RStudio's default rmarkdown HTML template.
  • The html_clean styling and features are very similar to the ones from the knitrBootstrap package by Jim Hester.