An emacs major mode for Textile markup language editing.
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An emacs major mode for Textile markup language editing.

What is textile ?

Textile is a markup language created by the author of TextPattern. It is used by some content management systems, wikis, and there are libraries to convert Textile into HTML for Ruby, Python or PHP.

More information on the markup can be found here :

Manual installation

Installation of Textile-mode is really nothing original. Put the file in a directory into your load-path, and then add the following into your .emacs :

(require 'textile-mode)

Then you can toggle manualy the major mode with M-x textile-mode or you can associate it with a file extension with :

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.textile\\'" . textile-mode))

Bugs - Troubleshooting

If the syntax highlighting doesn't seem to be synchronized with your text, you can refresh it manually on a paragraph with M-g M-g, or globally by turning font-locking off and on.

There are some known limitations in the syntax highlighting : see the source code introduction for details.