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A PDF timeline generator.

This is a Ruby script generating a LaTeX/TikZ file and invoking pdflatex appropriately to generate a timeline given a set of parameters (start date, end date, date intervals, etc.). Almost every aspect of the timeline can be modified with the settings : just check one of the default config files.

The output is a PDF file which can be automatically split between a given number of A4 pages in portrait or landscape orientation. The split includes crop marks and a small overlapping to make cut and pasting easier.

Optionaly, a calendar scale (days and months of year) and a time of day scale (hours and minutes) can be added at the bottom of the timeline. The idea is to allow some comparisons such as «if the 0 to 2010 timeline was a day, the World War II would have take place between 23h09 and 23h14. If it was a year, it would have happened between December 18th and December 20th».

You can find two examples of generated files in the examples directory. It is a 0 to 2010 timeline with the calendar and time of day scales on 5 A4 landscape pages. Months names and title are in french. The output.pdf file is just one big page, and output_pages.pdf is the result of the split between the 5 pages.


  • Ruby
  • PDFLaTeX with the tikz, geometry, numprint and pdfpages packages installed
  • Optionally, the lmodern LaTeX package for non ASCII characters

Under Debian/Ubuntu, the following should be sufficient to meet the requirements :

$ sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-pictures lmodern texlive-latex-base texlive-latex-extra ruby


  • Download timeline.rb
  • Download one of the config_francais.rb or config_english.rb files
  • Edit the previous config file to your needs

Then run the script with :

./timeline.rb config_english.rb

or :

./timeline.rb config_francais.rb

If everything went well, check the two generated PDF files.


  • only works with A4 paper
  • only french and english supported for the moment
  • code lacks many improvements and verifications