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Creating Lessons

All lessons reside in ~/.local/share/daoshi/lessons. The name of the folder will determine the lessons name. It is expected to contain a content.xml compatible with the XML schema which can be found in the resources subfolder of the source code, the audio and image files.


The image files need to be GIF files which can be obtained from the Stroke Order Project. It will display a character and show the stroke order. Whenever there is a character missing it is encouraged not just to create the GIF for oneself but upload it and thus contribute to the Stroke Order Project.

A good resource which will find more use in later versions is the CC-CEDICT. It can help you with creating new lessons. MDBG makes use of the CC-CEDICT.


You can get audio lessons licensed under the Creative Commons license from:

Just search for the word in the bar, top right. Click on Download -> Ogg Vorbis As an example I did this for the word hao and got this URL: Now remoove the filename and last directory to get in which you should a file called readme.txt. Check whether it uses a free license (which most of them do).

It is encouraged to use OGG vorbis. If you create any new audio files please contribute to one of the above mentioned projects too and upload it there for others to use.


For an example lesson please take a look at this.