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inircosc is an interactive irssi configuration script.

How you get it

git clone

Run it

cd inircosc


What it will do

If you already have an irssi config file in ~/.irssi/ then inircosc will move it to ~/.irssi.config.old.

After that it will walk you through the setup. Should be quite self explaining. Sometimes you have to choose if you want a specific setting or not. To let you jump over these steps quickly inircosc uses default settings. You will see the default value in paranthesis, so if you just press Enter it will take this value.

Sometimes no user input will tell the script that you are finished with this option. For example if you added a server, inircosc asks you for another. If skip it with Enter the script will continue.

However if you skip over things like setting your username, then the username will just be empty.