the totally kafkaesque chess game
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the totally kafkaesque chess game

pinkman is a command line based chess interface to UCI compatible chess engines, particularly Stockfish; using Unicode written in Go.


For 64 bit Linux you can find the pinkman and stockfish binaries zipped into pinkman-linux-64.tar.gz in releases. If you want to compile them yourself or use another operating system you need to:

go get

Download stockfish or install it via your package manager. Either place the stockfish binary in the same directory as the pinkman binary or specify a path to the stockfish engine:

$GOPATH/bin/pinkman --path /usr/bin/stockfish

Of course if you have added $GOPATH/bin to your PATH variable you can skip that prefix.

Use the --help option to learn about pinkmans arguments and use the in game help command to learn about its commands.