Install Script of Jubatus
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Install Script of Jubatus

This script automates the process of installing Jubatus and its dependencies from source.

On supported systems, you can install all components of Jubatus using binary packages. See for details.


  • wget
  • g++
  • make
  • tar
  • python
  • python-dev (for


To install Jubatus, run:

$ ./

Jubatus is installed in $HOME/local by default. If you want to another directory, specify directory using -p option. For example:

# ./ -p /usr/local

All of options is following: [-d|-i] [-p PREFIX] [-D] [-r]

 d : only download
 i : only install
 p : install path
 D : install develop branch
 r : use re2 instead of oniguruma
 x : enable debug mode

To use Jubatus, you need to load the environment variable from profile script.

add $PREFIX/share/jubatus/jubatus.profile to your .xshrc


$ source $PREFIX/share/jubatus/jubatus.profile

If you want to use python client, run:

$ ./