Skeleton of Jubatus Client Application in Java
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Skeleton of Jubatus Client Application in Java


  • Jubatus 1.1.0+ (server)

Usage (Eclipse)

Requires Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Tested with Indigo SR2 (3.7.2) and Juno SR1 (4.2.1). Please note that Java EE Developers edition does not support Git by default.

To import a skeleton project to Eclipse IDE:

  1. Choose Import... from File menu.
  2. Select Git > Projects from Git, then click Next.
  3. Select URI, then click Next.
  4. Fill URI field with, then click Next.
  5. Follow the instruction on the dialog and complete the wizard.

Once the import has been completed, Maven will automatically download Jubatus client library and other dependencies.

Now, direct to src/main/java/ directory. You will see in the (default package) tree. is a simple example that illustrates the usage of Jubatus recommender.

To run the client program, right-click on the and select Run As > Java Application. Make sure you start the jubarecommender process before running the client.

$ jubarecommender --configpath /usr/local/share/jubatus/example/config/recommender/lsh.json &

We assume that Jubatus was installed into /usr/local/. Otherwise, please modify the path.

Usage (CLI)

Requires Maven.

mvn compile
mvn exec:java