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The Jubatus library is a online machine learning framework which runs in distributed environment.

See for details.


LGPL 2.1

Update history

Release 0.2.3 2012/6/8

  • Asynchronous call to multiple servers at once, both keeper and mix - common/mprpc
  • Refactor generator
  • Error message improve
  • Timeout in unittest expanded
  • jubactl doesn't work ver 0.2 and later #13
  • jubavisor doesn't work on daemon mode #5
  • Asynchronous mprpc client critical bug
  • #47, #50, #34, #36, #37, #31, #19, and other small bugfix

Release 0.2.2 2012/4/6

  • Simpler interfaces at classifier, regression and recommender
    • Clients are NOT COMPATIBLE with previous releases
  • Now mix works concurrently in multiple threads (except tf-idf counting)
  • Asynchronous RPC to multiple servers at once
  • Add --version option
  • Interface description language changed from C++-like to Annotated MessagePack-IDL
  • Minor error handling
  • A bit more tested than previous releases
  • #30, #29, #22

Release 0.2.1 2012/3/13

Bugfix release: #28

Release 0.2.0 2012/2/16

New Features
  • recommender
    • support fast similar item search, real-time update, distributed data management
    • inverted index : exact result, fast search
    • locality sensitive hash : approximate result, fast search, small working space
  • regression
    • online SVR using passive agressive algorithm
    • as fast as current classifier
  • stat
    • a Key(string)-Value(queue<double>)
    • O(1) cost of getting sum, standard deviation, max, min, statistic moments for each queue
  • server framework
    • less-tightly coupled distributed processing framework with each ML implementation
    • idl & code generator - make it easy to write own jubatus system
    • removed public release of client libraries (so easy to generate!)
    • multiple mix - mutiple data objects can be mixed in one jubatus system
  • duplicate key entry in fv_converter breaks the parameter

Release 0.1.1 2011/11/15

Bugfix release

Release 0.1.0 2011/10/26

Hello Jubatus!

First release: including classifier, and mix operation

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