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Determine which headers must be available to build user-defined systems #95

kmaehashi opened this Issue Aug 21, 2012 · 3 comments

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Jubatus member

Currently only classifier's headers are installed; we must re-investigate which headers must be available to build user-defined systems, including other engines.

See also: #92

Jubatus member

core/classifier.hpp includes linear_function_mixer.hpp, mixable_weight_manager.hpp and diffv.hpp, but it is not installed by wscript.

We should resolve these kind of header dependency problems.

@kmaehashi kmaehashi was assigned Apr 9, 2013
Jubatus member

Fixed via 3d2497b.

I've removed zk.hpp and cached_zk.hpp from installation, as it uses ZOOKEEPER_HEADER macro which is set by our wscript.

I close this issue for this time, but we need to continue thinking of what should be provided/exposed to users, in accordance with #250.

@kmaehashi kmaehashi closed this Apr 18, 2013
Jubatus member

I've automated the following test in our CI environment to ensure that there are no missing headers (i.e., to make sure that all header files can be included at once).

find "${PREFIX}/include" -name "*.hpp" -not -path "${PREFIX}/include/jubatus/client*" -printf "#include <%P>\n" | g++ -x c++ -I"${PREFIX}/include" -c -o /dev/null -
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