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Jubatus Website


This repository holds Sphinx source files for website.

Contributions are always welcomed, from tiny typos to enhancements. Feel free to make pull-requests to this repository.


  • Sphinx 1.1.3 + pngmath + blockdiag

Easy setup for Ubuntu 12.04 systems:

# apt-get install python-sphinx latex-cjk-japanese texlive-latex-extra dvipng
# pip install sphinxcontrib-blockdiag sphinxcontrib-rubydomain

How to Edit

First of all, clone this repository (if you don't have a commit access, use your fork).

$ git clone

Edit the document.

$ edit source/index.rst

Build and preview the changes you made.

$ omake html
$ open build/html/index.html

Looks good? Now, push it.

$ git push origin master

Then open a pull-request.

For Jubatus members: you can deploy it to website.

$ ./



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