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  • Added a ton of kernel modules, basically anything that was removable via USB or i2c.
  • Added /root/kernel.config for transparency about the kernel as built.
  • Install sudo via apt-get
  • Remove galileod service and /opt/edison arduino launcher stuff
  • Added bash-completion package
  • Enable swap in kernel
  • Install bluez via apt-get install bluez
  • Install libnss-myhostname so that systemd-hostnamed works
  • Enable all kernel namespace support
  • Remove systemd-hostnamed service to avoid unnecessary errors
  • Remove bluetoothd service, since it is started by rc.local


  • Add jubilinux to /etc/hosts as so tools like sudo stop complaining.
  • New kernel with patched kernel/ptrace.c to not spam dmesg/syslog/etc when the fuser command is run.


  • edison-linux kernel 3.10.98, up from 3.10.17
  • exists so the post-flash boot sequence requires no manual intervention
  • some extra sleep in /etc/rc.local before spawning bluetooth services to ensure the bluetooth stack is running


Initial release