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Added SSL Support #11

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mhellmic commented May 8, 2012

This change allows WEBrick to start with SSL with a key and certificate.

I added the command line parameters
-s to enable ssl,
-k for a key and
-c for the certificate in cli.rb.
I also changed the call of WEBrick in server.rb to use the new parameters.

If this patch violates any guidelines, please tell me, I'll be happy to change it!


not sure what exception this would throw.

ditto for the other assignments


These are more likely to throw the exceptions based on bad certs or nonexistent files

mhellmic added some commits Sep 7, 2012
@mhellmic mhellmic Added simplest error checking in server.rb and a message displaying t…
…he key and certificate used in cli.rb (only displayed when using ssl)
@mhellmic mhellmic Merge remote branch 'upstream/master'
Fixed typo in server.rb when checking if the key is private

ShaharHD commented Mar 4, 2014

+1 ... two years ?!

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