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Plugins for EnhancedDiscord
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own_messages.js Own Messages Plugin Feb 12, 2019
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spotify_crack.js Spotify Crack Plugin Jan 24, 2019
staroption.js Star Option Plugin Feb 12, 2019
textmention.js Better settings in Text Mention Feb 15, 2019
theme_settings.js Config saving fix / Theme Settings Dec 27, 2018
unread_servers.js Don't select muted channels / Unread Servers Aug 7, 2019

EnhancedDiscord Plugins

Plugins for EnhancedDiscord.


These plugins may require to enable BD Plugins in ed settings because using jQuery, so enable it and reload discord if not working.

Theme Settings [BROKEN]

Adds Themes tab to EnhancedDiscord | Download

Note that all themes should be in: <EDPATH>/themes (auto create this folder on load)

Supported all bd themes.

By clicking Ctrl+B you hide all themes.

Embed Sender

Send embed as user account. Use at own risk! | Download

Spotify Crack

Spotify listen along without premium! | Download

Mutual Guilds Counter

Mutual guilds counter | Download

Mutual Friends Counter

Mutual friends counter | Download


Text Mention

Mention you when your username is in message content | Download

Change mention list in plugin settings

Own Messages

Create your own messages for discord | Download

To change messages change own_messages.json. To search messages browse own_messages.all.json.

Star Option

Star option in message options | Download

Account Switcher

Lets you switch between multiple Discord accounts | Download

Add accounts in plugin settings



Mention all members when @all | Download

Online Friends Count

Adds the number of online friends in right above the list | Download

Binary Converter

Binary converter plugin. | Download

Unread Servers

Open unread server list on ctrl+s | Download

Activity Feed Bypass

Activity Feed privacy permissions bypass | Download

Remaked plugins

Full Timestamps

My remake of CompleteTimestamps plugin | Download


My remake of BetterSearchPage plugin | Download

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