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Jucies - Alternative Jenkins Update Center on GitHub (beta)

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What is it?

How much time you think it will take to release a plugin for Jenkins? How many steps you will have to perform? With Jucies it's damn simple - just create a tag (release) on GitHub, send/update Pull Request to make it published - and it's done! It's not even required to build *.hpi file yourself!

Whoa! But how?

Jucies is based on top of - great service to lazily build your Maven/Gradle projects. Also, Jucies acts as an Updates Center for Jenkins, and your users will be notified when you update your plugin to the newer version.

Quick start (for users)

  1. Install Jucies Plugin:
  2. Open Plugin Manager -> Advanced and verify that Jucies appears in "Other Sites" section.
  3. Press "Check now"

NB: verify that installed version is at least 0.1.1. If not - go to "Updates" and update your plugin to 0.1.1 or higher.

Any plugin available on Jucies should appear on "available" tab of Manage Plugins page. Just install it as any other Jenkins Plugin.

Alternatively, you can download the latest build of plugin from here:

Quick start (for plugin developers)

Jucies was created to make it deadly-simple to share your plugins. And so it is!

For instance, you have a plugin and you want to release it to Jucies:

First, create a Release on GitHub:

NB: there is no need to attach any binaries to the release.

Then, go to and open Pull Request with 1 single file: plugins/

File should contain these lines:

repository = your-github-id/repository-of-your-plugin


  • your-github-id - your login on GitHub.
  • repository-of-your-plugin - name of the repository of the plugin you created.

Done! Now, once PR is accepted, you will see your plugin available in Jucies update center.

Hint1: if you use submodules, you can point Jucies to the module:

repository = your-github-id/repository-of-your-plugin
module = sub-module

Hint2: you can force Jucies to use a concrete tag and version:

repository = your-github-id/repository-of-your-plugin
tag = your-plugin-name-0.1.0
version = 0.1.0


  • version - tag you used for the release (try using the semantic version as a tag).
  • (optional) tag - git tag for this release.

Releasing new version

To release new version, just create a new release on GitHub - that's it!


Painless Jenkins plugin releases from GitHub repository



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