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Dependency Injection extensions for using RavenDB with ASP.NET Core.
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Dependency Injection package for using RavenDB with ASP.NET Core.

This package lets you configure a RavenDB DocumentStore and create a singleton for it in the dependency injection container. Additionally, you can configure an IAsyncDocumentSession (or its synchronous equivalent) to be created per scope.

Getting Started

Install the RavenDB.DependencyInjection library through NuGet.

Install-Package RavenDB.DependencyInjection


Add a RavenSettings section to your appsettings.json:

"RavenSettings": {
    "Urls": [
    "DatabaseName": "Demo",
    "CertFilePath": "",
    "CertPassword": ""

Note that CertFilePath and CertPassword are optional. If you use a certificate to connect to your database, this should be a path relative to the content root. Is your certificate stored outside your code? See manual configuration.

Then in Startup.cs, tell Raven to use this database and add it to the DI container:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // 1. Add an IDocumentStore singleton. Make sure that RavenSettings section exist in appsettings.json

    // 2. Add a scoped IAsyncDocumentSession. For the sync version, use .AddRavenSession().

Now you're cooking! Your controllers and services can now have IDocumentStore, IAsyncDocumentSession, or IDocumentSession injected into them. 😎

Configuring Raven conventions

Do you need to configure RavenDB conventions or perform other work before docStore.Initialize()? It's simple:

services.AddRavenDbDocStore(options => 
    options.BeforeInitializeDocStore = docStore => docStore.Conventions.IdentityPartsSeparator = "-";

Manual configuration

Is your Raven information stored outside of your code, such as environment variables or Azure Key Vault? If so, you can configure your doc store like this:

services.AddRavenDbDocStore(options =>
    // Grab the DB name from appsettings.json
    var dbName = options.Settings.DbName;
    // But grab the cert and password from the cloud
    var certBytes = Convert.FromBase64String(...); // load the certificate from wherever
    var certPassword = ...; // grab the password from wherever
    options.Certificate = new X509Certificate2(certBytes, certPassword);

View the Sample project to see it all in action.

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