Python library and command line utility for interacting with Power DNS
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Powerglove DNS

powerglove DNS is a simple tool for reserving an IP and hostname pair in a Power DNS installation

usage: powerglove-dns [-h] [--remove FQDN] [--ttl TTL] [--domain name]
[--is_present FQDN] [--text TEXT_RECORD_CONTENTS] [--cname CNAME FQDN A Record FQDN] [hostname] [IP [IP ...]]

Reserve an ip address in the network's powerdns install

positional arguments:
hostname specify the hostname (NOT full-qualified domain name)
that you want to reserve an IP for. It will be paired with the appropriate domain name to form a fully qualified domain name. Not read if any of the following options are set: --remove, --cname, --is_present
IP reserve an ip between this range (..*.0, ..*.1 and
..*.255 will not be used). Acceptable formats are CIDR (e.g. 192.168.133/23), IP Glob (e.g. 192.168.133-134.*), expicit pair of first/last IPs (e.g., or may be omitted if --domain is specified.
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--remove FQDN Remove the provided fully qualified domain name, if specified, no hostnames or cnames will be added
--ttl TTL the TTL that should be set with the added record [default: 300]
--domain name instead of specifying an IPRange or CIDR, specify the domain you wish to place the hostname (e.g. test.tld or example.tld)
--is_present FQDN
 returns True if a provided fully-qualified domain name is present in the DNS A records
 if specified, make a text record with the provided contents (as a string)
--cname CNAME FQDN A Record FQDN
if provided, create a CNAME alias from the provided cname fully-qualified-domain-name to the provided A record fully-qualified domain name. No new hostnames will be added