yet another python wrapper for the api
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yet another python wrapper for the api

Create an annotation using a TextQuoteSelector

h = hypothesis.Hypothesis(username=USER, token=TOKEN)  # your h username and api token (from

url = 'url of web page to annotate'
exact = 'selected text (i.e. the quote)'
prefix = '30 chars preceding the quote'
suffix = '30 chars following the quote'
title = 'title of the web page'
tags = ["tag1", "tag2"]
text = "body of annotation, can include [markup]("
payload = {
    "uri": url,
            "source": [url],
                    "type": "TextQuoteSelector", 
                    "prefix": prefix,
                    "exact": exact,
                    "suffix": suffix
    "tags": tags,
    "text": text,
     "document": {
         "title": [title]
     "permissions": h.permissions,

r = h.post_annotation(payload)
print r.status_code