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The following Matlab functions implement the Fine to Coarse Histogram Segmentation described in our paper

J.Delon, A.Desolneux, J-L.Lisani and A-B.Petro,
A non parametric approach for histogram segmentation, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol.16, no 1, pp.253-261, Jan. 2007.

The article is available here.

Typical usage :

 u = double(imread('../images/lena.png'));
 H = hist(u(:),0:255);
 idx=FTC_Seg(H,0);       %idx should contain the list of all minima separating the modes of H 

The parameter e in the code controls the segmentation precision :

  • large e => coarse segmentation
  • small e => fine segmentation

Copyright (c) 2016 Julie Delon