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This is a template for an openFrameworks project which compiles, and runs in JetBrains' awesome CLion. I've used one of the 3D examples to test this.

Further work based on this project has started here. This includes updates for 0.9.0, and a project generator fork.

Quick start

Import this as an existing project in CLion, and don't choose the option to re-create the CMakeLists.txt.

Updating the CMake files for your environment

Setting your oF root directory

Open CMakeLists.txt, and on line 8, update the path to your oF root path

Setting your Mac OSX SDK path

At the time of writing this, I was on OSX 10.11. If you find this when you're on a newer version, update line 128 in the file openFrameworks.cmake


This has been known to work excellently with oF 0.8.4, and CLion 1.1.1


All the cmake credit goes to kureta (https://gist.github.com/kureta/b764cb130dafb91375d6). He/she's put in a lot of effort to get it working smoothly. Kudos @kureta!

I've just pieced it together so that beginners might find it easier, and for me to refer to this when creating a new oF project.