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Amount of debris is scaled by size of asteroid

Asteroids change color depending on size

Label that keeps track of number of large, medium and small asteroids

Label that tells user what level he/she is on.

Labels that keep track of number of shots taken and accuracy percentage.

User can push the space bar to fire a bullet. Press and hold to fire several.

User is able to start new game simply by pushing 'N' while in game.

If there are no bullets on the screen, the user can push 'Z' to fire the bulletLimit number of bullets at one time in a circle formation, but at half the speed/distance.

User can push 'T' key to teleport to random location on screen.

User can push ‘M’ key to place a mine that explodes in a circle of bullets if an asteroid hits it. There can be one mine in existence at a time

Added a bonus if the user can shoot better than a certain percentage (defined in constant SHARP_SHOOTER). If a level is conquered while the accuracy percentage is greater than or equal to SHARP_SHOOTER, user doubles their points.

Added controls/scoring menu that informs the user how points are scored, the various controls of the game and bonus options available in the game.


If user types the key 'C' during the game (there are no hints towards this, since the cheat codes should be kept secret), it will bring up a dialog box in which the user can input cheat codes.

Available cheat codes (not case-sensitive):

SUPERMAN - Makes ship invulnerable to small asteroids

CIVIL WAR - Makes asteroids able to collide with each other and explode on impact

LEGOLAS - Increases the available bullets to 40 (including shotgun, or circular, firing motion)

WOLVERINE - Increases the lives count by 5

DOCTOR OCTOPUS - Increases mine limit to 3