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A parser toolkit
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Glush: A parser toolkit

Glush is a versatile parser toolkit based on Glushkov’s construction algorithm:

  • Parses LL/LR grammars in linear time.

  • Parses all context-free grammars (even the most ambiguous ones) in worst-case cubic time.

  • Scannerless: Works directly on characters (no lexer needed).

  • Streamable, push-based API: You give it one token at a time; fail-fast supported.

  • Supports matching UTF-8 characters.

  • Reads EBNF grammars.

  • Flexible operator precedence.

  • Usable as a parser combinator library in Ruby.

  • Licensed under 0BSD.

Planned features:

  • Documentation

  • Ambiguity error reporting

  • Generating JavaScript/C/Go parser

Current status:

  • Not ready for production. Glush is mainly interesting if you like to explore parser algorithms.

  • The core of the algorithm is complete and is working quite nicely.

  • There’s some fundamental features (e.g. operator precedence handling) that needs to be completed before the API can be fully decided.

  • Most of the planned features are trivial.

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