Does Grancher work on Ruby 1.9.2-p136? #7

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Has anyone got Grancher working on Ruby 1.9.2-p136?... Or any Ruby 1.9.x?

If it's not working does anyone know how to patch the issue(s)?

judofyr commented Feb 14, 2011

The problem probably lies in Gash (see which I haven't worked on for ages. It definitely needs to be rewritten to use Grit.


I'm looking at writing a bash script to do similar functionality to Grancher.

If I write it I'll share it as a Gist once complete and link to it from here.

Basic functionality is:

Put file in root of your "master" branch.

Run with ./ "commit message".

Auto detects or generates your gh-pages branch.

Detect or create a ../ folder.

Copy over files from "/" in master - or a specified subfolder e.g. "/_sites" for Jekyll, or "/output" for nanoc.

git add . , git commit -am , git commit origin gh-pages

... I'll look into adding configuration for overwrite all/none and include/exclude lists...

... no need for gem dependencies, and the script is recorded in "master" - so every clone gets a copy.

Minor setback ... I haven't written a bash script before :-P But I'm quietly confident.

trans commented May 29, 2011

How involved would the rewrite to grit be? I am willing to give it a try if I someone is willing to offer some guidance.


FYI I never got around to writing that bash script. Would love to see the grit rewrite tho if you're able to get it done.

trans commented May 30, 2011

Working on it. Does any know what Gash#keys is? I looked at the code for Gash and can't even find the method.

trans commented May 30, 2011

Okay. I figured it out, it is the list of files.

Honestly I'm starting to think fixing Gash would be much easier. It works very differently from Grit.

trans commented Jan 27, 2012

FYI, I totally gave up on the rewrite to use grit. From my experience gash seems much more fitting grancher's needs. And I think gash is finally fixed (when it gets release next).

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