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A Ruby VM implemented in JavaScript
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RubyScript is a YARV-to-JavaScript compiler which aims to be able to run Ruby in the browser. Although at the moment we're mostly focused on running it on Node.js.

Getting Started

You need:

  • Ruby 1.9.2 -- Tested on ruby 1.9.2p180
  • Node.js -- Tested on v0.4.9

Then run:

$ cat test.rb
p 123
$ bin/rubyscript-node test.rb



Uses RubyVM::InstructionSequence to compile Ruby to YARV bytecode to JavaScript (which depends on the runtime files described below).


This defines the object-system of Ruby in JavaScript, including objects, classes, modules, inheritence, singleton classes, mixins and simple lookup.


Extends the base with (mostly) YARV specific, rather important, methods.


Extends the base with core methods (Kernel, Fixnum etc...)


Runs compiled YARV bytecode.


Hooks everything together

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