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* HTML::AttributeMerger fixed, it didn't remove first empty attribute values
* Add HTML::AttributeRemover back, :remove_empty_attrs must be an Array of Strings now
of the attributes to be removed if empty
* Simplify [:case] expression grammar
* Ignore parameter :outvar by sinatra since sinatra assumes also that the buffer is a String,
they should set :buffer and :generator explicitly if they need the access
* Only print an message if invalid options are passed to Temple filters or engines
since many libraries seem to use Slim and Temple in an incorrect way
* Fix the :outvar problem really
* Support Sinatra :outvar option in Tilt template
* Added exception Temple::FilterError which should be thrown by filters
* Added Temple::Parser as default base class for parsers
* escape_html doesn't escape / anymore
* HTML::AttributeSorter uses stable sorting now
* HTML::AttributeRemover removed (Was too Slim specific)
* Engine option :chain removed
* Option validation implemented (Use define_options in your filters)
* Deprecated options implemented (Use deprecated_options in your filters)
* ThreadOptions added, Method #with_options
* Generators: produce optimized code
* remove deprecated method EngineDSL#wildcard
* Set tilt template default_mime_type to text/html
* HTML: Support conditional comments [:html, :condcomment, ...]
* Split Temple::HTML::AttributeMerger in AttributeSorter,
AttributeMerger and AttributeRemover
* Fix issue #58
* Temple::HTML::Pretty improved
* :sort_attrs option (default: true) added to HTML::AttributeMerger;
if set to false, the attributes will appear in the insertion order
* Temple::Mixins::EngineDSL api changed ("wildcard" is deprecated, use "use" instead)
* Temple::Mixins::CompiledDispatcher supports arbitrary levels now
* Don't use gsub! on incoming strings (#57)
* Fix newlines in erb parser (#46)
* Bugfix release (0.3.3 was yanked)
* Support for rails 3.1 streaming
* Add EngineDSL#wildcard
* HTML::Fast/Pretty supports only :xhtml and :html formats from now on
* HTML::AttributeMerger extracted from HTML::Fast
0.3.1, 0.3.2
* Don't modify strings destructively with gsub! in HTML::Pretty.
This doesn't work with Rails safe buffers in version >= 3.0.8.
* Compiled expression dispatching
* Method temple_dispatch is obsolete
* EscapeHTML renamed to Escapable
* Control flow filter added
* HTML filter: Tag and attribute expressions changed
* Expression grammar added
* Expression validator added
* Debugger filter removed (Validator is better replacement)
* Add mutable/immutable hashes for option inheritance
* Rails template support added
* Rename Filter#compile to Filter#call
* Engine chain reconfiguration (append, prepend, replace, ...)
* HTML filter: Don't output empty attributes
* Escape expression changed [:escape, true/false, Expression]
* HTML filter: Support :format => :html (alias for :html5)
* HTML::Pretty indents dynamic content only if it doesn't contain
preformatted tags
* Flexible chain building
* Default options for engines
* HTML::Pretty added
* Tilt-based template class added
* Escaping filter added
* Filter base class added
* Fix capturing (Issue #15)
* Close issue #10
* Refactoring
* Add HTML filter
* Remove Escapable filter
* Add method for checking if expression is empty
* Test added
* Initial release
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