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A .NET client library for NSQ, a realtime distributed messaging platform.

Check out this slide deck for a quick intro to NSQ.

Watch Spray Some NSQ On It by co-author Matt Reiferson for an under 30-minute intro to NSQ as a messaging platform.

Project Status

  • Used in Production.
  • Maintained. Issues and Pull Requests will be responded to.

Quick Install

NsqSharp is a client library that talks to the nsqd (message queue) and nsqlookupd (topic discovery service). See the slides above for more information about their roles.

Download nsqd.exe and nsqlookupd.exe and run them from the command line:


nsqd -lookupd-tcp-address=

Or, to install as Windows Services:

mkdir c:\nsq\data

copy /y nsqd.exe c:\nsq
copy /y nsqlookupd.exe c:\nsq

sc create nsqlookupd binpath= "c:\nsq\nsqlookupd.exe" start= auto DisplayName= "nsqlookupd"
sc description nsqlookupd "nsqlookupd 0.3.2"
sc start nsqlookupd

sc create nsqd binpath= "c:\nsq\nsqd.exe -mem-queue-size=0 -lookupd-tcp-address= -data-path=c:\nsq\data" start= auto DisplayName= "nsqd"
sc description nsqd "nsqd 0.3.2"
sc start nsqd

You can also build these files from source: (official), or (fork) to add the ability to run as a Windows Service.

C# Examples

PM> Install-Package NsqSharp

More examples are in the Examples folder.

Simple Producer

using System;
using NsqSharp;

class Program
    static void Main()  
        var producer = new Producer("");
        producer.Publish("test-topic-name", "Hello!");

        Console.WriteLine("Enter your message (blank line to quit):");
        string line = Console.ReadLine();
        while (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(line))
            producer.Publish("test-topic-name", line);
            line = Console.ReadLine();


Simple Consumer

using System;
using System.Text;
using NsqSharp;

class Program
    static void Main()  
        // Create a new Consumer for each topic/channel
        var consumer = new Consumer("test-topic-name", "channel-name");
        consumer.AddHandler(new MessageHandler());

        Console.WriteLine("Listening for messages. If this is the first execution, it " +
                          "could take up to 60s for topic producers to be discovered.");
        Console.WriteLine("Press enter to stop...");


public class MessageHandler : IHandler
    /// <summary>Handles a message.</summary>
    public void HandleMessage(IMessage message)
        string msg = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(message.Body);

    /// <summary>
    /// Called when a message has exceeded the specified <see cref="Config.MaxAttempts"/>.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="message">The failed message.</param>
    public void LogFailedMessage(IMessage message)
        // Log failed messages


The classes in the NsqSharp.Bus namespace provide conveniences for large scale applications:

  • Interoperating with dependency injection containers.
  • Separation of concerns with regards to message routing, serialization, and error handling.
  • Abstracting the details of Producer and Consumer from message sending and handling.

The PingPong and PointOfSale examples highlight using:

Applications initiated with BusService.Start can be installed as a Windows Service using sc create. When in console mode the application will gracefully shutdown with Ctrl+C. When running as a Windows Service stopping the service or rebooting/shutting down the machine will do a graceful shutdown.

NsqSharp has no external dependencies. StructureMap, Autofac, and Newtonsoft.Json are supported through convenience classes which use reflection for the initial wire-up. Other containers and serializers can be used by implementing IObjectBuilder and IMessageSerializer wrappers in your code.

NsqSharp Project Goals

  • Structurally similar to the official go-nsq client.
  • Up to date with the latest stable release of go-nsq.
  • Provide similar behavior and semantics as the official package.
  • Unobtrusive. No external dependencies. Publishing message contracts does not require a reference to NsqSharp.

Pull Requests

Pull requests and issues are very welcome and appreciated.

When submitting a pull request please keep in mind we're trying to stay as close to go-nsq as possible. This sometimes means writing C# which looks more like Go and follows their file layout. Code in the NsqSharp.Bus namespace should follow C# conventions and more or less look like other code in this namespace.


This project is open source and released under the MIT license.


A .NET library for NSQ, a realtime distributed messaging platform








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