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Fish Config

These are my configuration files for the Fish shell. They're a decent starting point for someone that uses git, rvm, autojump, and powerline for the prompt.


This is still very much untested, and prone to bugs. I'm keeping it here for myself, and the various machines I keep running. You're unfortunately on your own if you try to use this.

Follow instructions for your operating system:

Mac Instructions:

Ubuntu Instructions:

  • Run in a terminal: sudo apt-get install -y git autojump fish direnv
  • Direnv is pretty new, and might not exist in your list of repos yet. If it can't find direnv, run this: sudo add-apt-repository deb sid main

Windows Instructions:


Run the following:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/autojump
mkdir -p ~/.config
git clone ~/.config/fish
cd ~/.config/fish
which fish | sudo tee -a /etc/shells
chsh -s $(which fish)