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Issue #1: I needed a resume. Quickly.

Issue #2: I wanted to create a new example of my information architecture, interface prototyping, and HTML5/CSS3/JS skills for demonstration.

Issue #3: I wanted to get better at microformats, since I've been paying more attention to the semantic web scene.


I think I was successful.

  • The entire site conforms to the hResume microformat spec, so it's machine parsable. In theory. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to test this, because this page is full of very concise data.
  • It's valid. I use the appropriate HTML5 and CSS3 tags throughout, minus a few extra divs here and there to take advantage of Bootstrap's column grid. (Yes, the CSS doesn't validate with over 500 errors. That's what you get for using third-party libraries and browser prefixes. I still get the visual presentation that I want across all relevant browsers.)
  • It's responsive; you can view the site on mobile browsers very easily (I've tested it on iPhones and Androids) and at multiple different screen widths. The layout should never break.
  • It's clean. I think a great resume is never boring, but the aesthetics should never get in the way of the content.

I gave myself a full week to complete it, and I finished it in about 32 hours. I'm still tweaking it here and there, but I'm happy with the result.


  • I have several images for each project. But I'm not happy with several of the image sliding/swapping/fading plugins that I've tried to use so far, so I'm using a single static image for each project for now.
  • Once I have a job, I want to convert this thing into a personal site. Slightly trimmed down, but I've also written a little of my history as a programmer. It's not appropriate for a resume, but I'd like to finish it and put it somewhere.
  • See if I can fix any of the other weird validation warnings that I get. It would be cool if this thing were a solid green by the W3C.

- Clinton Judy