Stupid Python tricks.
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Stupid Python Tricks

This is (or will be) a consolidated repository of all the stupid Python tricks I have written (and can still find).

A stupid python trick is usually an experiment with an advanced language feature; ostensibly to learn how it works, but usually in order to abuse that feature to write something truly horrible.

I used to be a Perl programmer.

I am also no longer the only person responsible for all of this.


This one got out of hand. It is an attempt to write Fizz Buzz, using as many language features as possible. It uses a bunch of functional techniques, a strategy pattern implementation, and dynamically named closures (I was especially proud of that).

It is PEP-8 compliant.


A friend of mine used to complain that he couldn't run a regex as part of an if statement's expression if he wanted to use the returned groups (you can in Perl using implicit variables).

I worked out how to modify the caller's scope to dynamically add a variable containing the result of the pattern match. Mission accomplished.


Ish is a stupid library that allows you to test if a variable is tru-ish or false-ish. Ish has graduated to its own repository!


I wanted to see if I could create an emoticon that was valid Python syntax. It turns out I could! OOO[:-P]


Subclass str, add a bunch of interesting properties and methods, and voila, easy path management, if a little bit too much voodoo.

Note: I'm not 100% sure I wrote this. Some of it doesn't seem like my style. It's possible I came up with inspiration from looking at someone else's code.


Contains an 'everlasting cache' (which is not very useful), and a (crazy) decorator-based dependency calling mechanism. Warning, may cause seizures!


Only one trick! A metaclass that automatically replaces get_ and set_ methods with properties that call the methods. Too much magic, but a neat trick, I think.


You've all heard of the classic #define TRUE FALSE trick in C, right?


Import this module, then import math and print out pi in a loop. I guarantee you'll be surprised!