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Integration of Couchbase's "iOS-Couchbase" branch of Apache CouchDB and "PhoneGap" from Nitobi
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Is a work in progress for getting PhoneGap and iOS-Couchbase's build of Apache CouchDB running together as a single App on iOS devices, with the aim of providing "JeOS" to run Couch Apps fully.

  • All you need to get started is Xcode4, git, and an iOS device.
  • At the moment, basically it only compiles cleanly.
  • "Some functionality may be degraded, or even missing"

Ground Control to Major Tom

  • Install Xcode 4 if you haven't already
  • Build and Install latest PhoneGap iOS Framework from github

    git clone
    cd phonegap-iphone
    open PhoneGapInstaller.pkg
  • continue, continue, install for me only, continue, install, close

Commencing Countdown

  • Get the latest CouchGap bundle from github

    git clone
    cd couchgap
    open couchgap.xcworkspace/
  • change the workspace Identifier and Version to suit

  • add more phone fluff if you want to in www/

Engines On

  • select scheme CouchGap | iPhone 4.3 Simulator or iOS Devices
  • use apple-R to build and run
  • report back on your success, or add some more issues

Release Notes

Please check the issues before providing a patch or a suggestion.


  • the CouchDB community
  • Couchbase for sponsoring & pulling iOS-Couchbase together
  • Nitobi for PhoneGap
  • mobile-couchbase list & nascent community


Apache 2.0 same as CouchDB.

Building from source

  • install the pre-requisites above
  • Build the latest iOS-Couchbase framework from github

    git clone --recurse
    open iOS-Couchbase/Couchbase.xcworkspace
    # build TouchJSON-iphonesimulator
    # build TouchJSON-iphoneos
    # build Couchbase-iphonesimulator
    # build Couchbase-iphoneos
    # build Couchbase.bundle
  • Check it works by building & running CouchDemo-iphonesimulator

  • create a new Xcode4 workspace for your app
  • create a new project within that based on the PhoneGap template
  • update Identifier and Version as needed

TODO explain missing voodoo using Marty's Notes

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