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fix apertium regex

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1 parent 02e9690 commit 1ac5fa49dbd7fb034e535216e2ef7f934b8eb9f9 @juergenhoetzel committed Jun 10, 2009
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@@ -892,7 +892,8 @@ If optional argument HERE is non-nil, insert version number at point."
(defun babel-apertium-wash ()
"Extract the useful information from the XML returned by apertium."
- (if (not (babel-wash-regex "<translation>\\(.*?\\)</translation>"))
+ (if (not (babel-wash-regex
+ "<translation>\\(\\(.\\|\n\\)*?\\)</translation>"))
(error "Apertium XML has changed ; please look for a
new version of babel.el")))

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