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base fork: juergenhoetzel/leiningen
head fork: juergenhoetzel/leiningen
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Commits on Apr 04, 2012
@technomancy technomancy Merge pull request #497 from juergenhoetzel/master
add proxy support
@technomancy technomancy Fix get-proxy-settings when http_proxy isn't set. 6a9713d
@technomancy technomancy Skip profiles when calculating deps for uberjar. c38b8ec
@technomancy technomancy Get authentication info out of $http_proxy. eb3806d
@technomancy technomancy Set http proxy system properties. Addresses half of #281. 2307991
Commits on Apr 05, 2012
@xeqi xeqi Handle global exclusions in all dependency cases. Fixes #498
Also remove global exclusion handling in pom generation, otherwise
it would generate 2 exclusion tags.
@jseppanen jseppanen Maven proxy only valid for Leiningen 1.x 055f549
@technomancy technomancy Merge pull request #499 from jseppanen/master
FAQ: Maven HTTP proxy setup only for Leiningen 1.x
@technomancy technomancy Document $http_proxy in faq. 0dba192
@xeqi xeqi Pom output handles dev dependencies that overlap standard deps
Fixes #500
Commits on Apr 06, 2012
@technomancy technomancy News for preview3. f9c7ae3
Commits on Apr 07, 2012
@jaceklaskowski jaceklaskowski repl can be run from anywhere, too. a75f0b7
Michael Klishin Merge pull request #504 from jaceklaskowski/patch-1
repl can be run from anywhere, too.
@johnbendi johnbendi Update doc/ d2d4617
Michael Klishin Merge pull request #506 from johnbendi/patch-1
Update doc/
@technomancy technomancy Automatically activate offline profile when needed. Fixes #478. 5206f93
@technomancy technomancy Don't warn of profile merge conflicts when the classes match. 49dcb03
@technomancy technomancy Port arbitrary version upgrades from 1.7.1. 6f1638b
@trptcolin trptcolin Bump reply dependency
Adds http nREPL support and fixes a few bugs
Commits on Apr 08, 2012
@jaceklaskowski jaceklaskowski Once upgraded to 1.1.1, lein2 pprint showed the output (it didn't wor…
…k with the previous version - no output shown)
@technomancy technomancy Merge pull request #509 from jaceklaskowski/patch-2
Once upgraded to 1.1.1, lein2 pprint showed the output (it didn't work w...
@dakrone dakrone bump clj-http dependency 4d0dda9
Commits on Apr 09, 2012
@technomancy technomancy Remove last vestiges of exit-code-as-return-value. Fixes #510. 0a5d1ed
@technomancy technomancy Make help task look up argument in aliases map. 13a6b10
@technomancy technomancy news/todos 81652f9
@trptcolin trptcolin Add more repl task news a352392
@cemerick cemerick don't call pomegranate/can-modify? a4821e0
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
@technomancy technomancy Mention new `:dependencies` settings in sample.project.clj. Fixes #501.
[ci skip]
@technomancy technomancy Replace :javac-options map with vector. Fixes #450. 0f1f6df
@Raynes Raynes Update bultitude. 28a9303
@xeqi xeqi Bump pomegranate; fixes #491 4ffde4c
@technomancy technomancy Bump lein-newnew version. Fixes #507. 15e1213
@technomancy technomancy Fix tests for new pomegranate and newnew versions. 30c0fdb
@technomancy technomancy Switch pom tests back to not having clojure-complete. 9c1a6f5
@technomancy technomancy Prevent user profiles from affecting pom tests. eb745d0
@dakrone dakrone Collapse all repl-* options into :repl-options map
Makes progress on #432, still may need work (needs test cases).

Also note all non-lein keys in :repl-options are passed through to
reply without modification (in case reply adds some crazy new features
that lein doesn't immediately support)
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
@technomancy technomancy Ensure deps are calculated in prep. Fixes #433 for real. d17654b
@technomancy technomancy Update sample.project.clj docs. 6e5dee8
@trptcolin trptcolin Handle starting in a different ns
Allow either :init-ns and :main. Add tests for reply option

refs #432
@technomancy technomancy Have mercy on the packagers; don't pull in useful for a 1-line defn. 97e3909
@technomancy technomancy Bump reply to 0.1.0-beta3. 8cb1062
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
@technomancy technomancy Don't shutdown agents when exit is suppressed. de2ded0
@technomancy technomancy Fix :offline? project key to have question mark. 344a465
@technomancy technomancy Readme tweaks. 2f3ede0
@technomancy technomancy Release 2.0.0-preview3. a95f990
@technomancy technomancy Bump back to snapshot. 030632a
@technomancy technomancy Remove "bundled mode" from bin/lein. 55935d0
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
@wjlroe wjlroe Print error for missing tasks instead of stacktrace
> lein help nohelpforyou

Prints a FileNotFoundException. It would be more useful to simply
print that the task does not exist.
Commits on Apr 14, 2012
@technomancy technomancy Merge pull request #524 from wjlroe/helpful-task-missing-error
Print error for missing tasks instead of stacktrace
@juergenhoetzel lein classpath: Accept optional output-file
Aether writes debug information to stdout, resulting in invalid
classpath entries like:

Could not find artifact lein-newnew:lein-newnew:pom:0.2.6 in
central (
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