Familiarize yourself with GitHub and CLI and be happy. (CUNY-J teaching 2016)
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Through the lab hours and small assignments you will get familiar with the tools that will be the infrastructure for your HTML/CSS/JS classes. You will get to know GitHub and Command Line Interface (CLI) really well by the end of the semester.

"But wait," you ask, "Why should I know all these?"

Ah, you are learning the language of the web! And you should definitely know about the workflow of the web :) CLI is the best way for you to start the GitHub workflow. As the semster progresses, you will get to know your computer better and using the CLI more effectively for your projects -- be it styling your writing with CSS or coding out interactive features with Javascript.

GitHub and CLI are being used across the newsrooms. Not convinced? Check out these GitHub accounts:

It's okay if you feel like this at times...

Don't fret. The goal is to get comfortable with CLI/GitHub. So yeah, first step is to get comfortable with discomfort.

Have faith in yourself

And keep smiling through difficult times