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Ultimate Training Modpack Plugin

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A Skyline plugin using cargo-skyline for adding features to the training mode. It interfaces with skyline-web to provide a menu for customizing training options.

The latest stable release can be found here.

The latest beta release can be found here.

Beta Changelog

These are the features that can be found in the latest beta release that are not in the stable release.


  • Added option for CPU to crouch when grounded - @asimon-1
  • Improved web menu UI - @asimon-1, @xhudaman, @jugeeya
  • Added Mash Triggers feature, allowing configuration of when the CPU performs mash options - @GradualSyrup
  • Add ability to perform mash option after ledge trump, footstool, clatter, hitstun, tumble, and within certain distances - @asimon-1
  • Allow configurable button combinations for save states and opening the menu - @asimon-1
  • Prevent Star KOs in training mode - @GradualSyrup
  • Allow user to select random damage values on save state load - @asimon-1, @jugeeya
  • Clear articles like boomerang, anvil, hydrant when loading save states (crafting table excluded) - @jugeeya,
  • Display frame advantage as a notification textbox - @jugeeya
  • Display welcome notification with instructions on how to use the mod - @jugeeya
  • Greatly improved UI and speed for the quick menu - @jugeeya, @xhudaman
  • Add option to toggle off HUD - @jugeeya


  • No longer change pokemon when loading a save state with PT - @jugeeya
  • Mash options are no longer buffered when loading a save state - @GradualSyrup
  • Fixed issue where input delay menu selection would not be respected - @jugeeya, @asimon-1
  • Fixed bug where Pac-Man fruit preparedness wasn't saved in state - @GradualSyrup
  • Fixed bug where items would deplete shields set to "Infinite" - @jugeeya
  • Fixed bug where back button would not work with touch screen - @gnaomo
  • Fix Joycon controllers with input delay - @asimon-1, @jugeeya
  • Fix issue where CPU would perform options out of Snake's down throw too early - @asimon-1
  • Fix issue where CPU could tech untechables - @asimon-1
  • Fixed several bugs when loading a save state on ledge - @asimon-1
  • When loading mirrors save states on asymmetric stages, mirror around the stage center - @asimon-1
  • Fixes to Quick Menu when using joycons - @jugeeya


  • Adjust clatter strength values - @asimon-1
  • Update infinite shield compatibility with modded gameplay - @techyCoder81


The features in this modpack are configured through the menu, which can be accessed within training mode by pressing SPECIAL+UPTAUNT. Generally they fall into these categories:

  • Enables or disables stage hazards
  • Saves and loads the positional state of the player and CPU
  • Displays additional information onscreen
  • Controls CPU behavior

Stage Hazards

Set stage hazards on or off in Training Mode! Use this to practice on tournament legal stages with hazards.

Save States

At any time in Training Mode, you can press Grab + Down Taunt to save the state of training mode. This will save the position, state, and damage of each fighter, which can then be reverted to at any time with Grab + Up Taunt. With the mirroring setting, loading the save state will flip the positions, allowing you to practice your skills facing both directions. Use this instead of the built-in training mode reset!

The following attributes are saved in the save states:

  • X position
  • Y position
  • Percent
  • Facing direction
  • Fighter kind
  • Charge level
    • Banjo-Kazooie: Wonderwing
    • Donkey Kong: Giant punch
    • Hero: Frizz
    • Lucario: Aura sphere
    • Mario: F.L.U.D.D.
    • Mewtwo: Shadowball
    • Mii Gunner: Charge blast
    • Mr. Game & Watch: Bucket
    • Pac-Man: Bonus fruit
    • Pirahna Plant: Poison breath
    • R.O.B.: Laser, gyro, burner fuel
    • Robin: Thunder tome
    • Samus / Dark Samus: Charge shot
    • Sheik: Needles
    • Squirtle: Water gun
    • Steve stored materials
    • Steve tool durability
    • Steve tool material
    • Wario: Waft
    • Wii Fit Trainer: Sun salutation

With the following attributes applied according to the menu selection when loading a save state:

  • Mirroring (X position and facing direction)
  • Buffs
    • Cloud: Limit
    • Hero: Acceleratle, Oomph, Psyche up, Bounce
    • Joker: Arsene
    • Little Mac: K.O. punch
    • Sephiroth: Winged form
    • Wii Fit Trainer: Deep breathing
  • Character item

The following table lists the available items to be loaded:

Fighter Item Variation 1 Item Variation 2 Item Variation 3 Item Variation 4 Item Variation 5 Item Variation 6 Item Variation 7 Item Variation 8
Banjo-Kazooie Grenade Egg - - - - - - -
Bowser Jr. Mechakoopa - - - - - - -
Daisy Smile Turnip Winky Turnip Dot-Eyes Turnip Stitch-Face Turnip Mr. Saturn Bob-omb - -
Diddy Banana Peel Peanut - - - - - -
King K. Rool Crownerang - - - - - - -
Link Remote Bomb Arrow - - - - - -
Mega Man Metal Blade - - - - - - -
Pac-Man Cherry Strawberry Orange Apple Melon Galaxian Bell Key
Peach Smile Turnip Winky Turnip Dot-Eyes Turnip Stitch-Face Turnip Mr. Saturn Bob-omb - -
Richter Holy Water - - - - - - -
R.O.B. Gyro Gyro Gyro Gyro Gyro Gyro Gyro Gyro
Robin Book Levin Sword - - - - - -
Sheik Burst Grenade - - - - - - -
Simon Holy Water - - - - - - -
Snake Grenade - - - - - - -
Toon Link Bomb - - - - - - -
Villager Wood Chip - - - - - - -
Young Link Bomb - - - - - - -

Input Delay

Practice with emulated extra input delay, in frames. Use this to practice with online's default delay, which is typically 4-5 frames.

Frame Advantage

Practice moves on shield to find out the frame advantage of the moves performed. Best used with Infinite Shield. Can also be used to find the advantage on hit to determine appropriate followups.

Hitbox Visualization

Currently, hitboxes and grabboxes are supported. When visualization is active, other move effects are temporarily turned off for easier visualization.

CPU Behavior

The CPU can be instructed to perform a wide array of different actions in response to particular situations. The following situations are available:

  • Mash: To be performed after being hit or shielding an attack
  • Followup: To be performed as soon as possible after the mash option
  • Ledge: To be performed when hanging on the ledge
  • Tech: To be performed when slammed into the ground or wall
  • Miss Tech: To be performed after failing to tech

The timing of the CPU option can be influenced by the following settings:

  • Mash Triggers
  • Aerial Delay
  • Ledge Delay
  • OoS Offset
  • Reaction Time
  • Fast Fall Delay
  • Falling Aerials

Menu Settings

When multiple options are selected, one of the selected options will be chosen at random. Open / focused menus can be reset by pressing the X button. All menus can be reset to the default by pressing the L button. These defaults can be saved upon exiting the menu by pressing R when in-menu. Use this to make a preset that fits your personal training style.

Tab Feature Description Options
Mash Settings Mash Toggles Actions to be performed as soon as possible out of hitstun or shieldstun Airdodge, jump, shield, spotdodge, roll in, roll out, aerials, jab, tilts, smash attacks, grab, dash, dash attack
Mash Settings Followup Toggles Actions to be performed after the Mash option Airdodge, jump, shield, spotdodge, roll in, roll out, aerials, jab, tilts, smash attacks, grab, dash, dash attack
Mash Settings Mash Triggers Conditions which will cause the CPU to perform their mash action Hitstun, shieldstun, parry, tumble, landing, ledge trump, footstool, clatter, ledge option, tech option, grounded, airborne, distance: close, distance: mid, distance: far, always
Mash Settings Attack Angles For attacks that can be angled, such as some forward tilts Neutral, up, down
Mash Settings Throw Options Throw to be performed when a grab is landed None, Forward Throw, Back Throw, Up Throw, Down Throw
Mash Settings Throw Delay How many frames to delay the throw option 0 to 150 frames (2.5 seconds) in increments of 5 frames
Mash Settings Pummel Delay How many frames after a grab to wait before starting to pummel 0 to 150 frames (2.5 seconds) in increments of 5 frames
Mash Settings Falling Aerials Should aerials be performed when rising or when falling Yes, No
Mash Settings Full Hop Should the CPU perform a full hop or a short hop Yes, No
Mash Settings Aerial Delay How long to delay a Mash aerial attack 0 to 30 frames (0.5 seconds)
Mash Settings Fast Fall Should the CPU fastfall during a jump Yes, No
Mash Settings Fast Fall Delay How many frames the CPU should delay their fastfall 0 to 30 frames (0.5 seconds)
Mash Settings OoS Offset How many times the CPU shield can be hit before performing a Mash option 0 to 30 hits
Mash Settings Reaction Time How many frames to delay before performing an option out of shield 0 to 30 frames (0.5 seconds)
----- ----- ----- -----
Defensive Settings Airdodge Direction Direction to angle airdodges Neutral, out, up-out, up, up-in, in, down-in, down, down-out, left, right
Defensive Settings DI Direction Direction to angle the directional influence during hitlag Neutral, out, up-out, up, up-in, in, down-in, down, down-out, left, right
Defensive Settings SDI Direction Direction to angle the smash directional influence during hitlag Neutral, out, up-out, up, up-in, in, down-in, down, down-out, left, right
Defensive Settings SDI Strength Relative strength of the smash directional influence inputs None, Normal (8 frames between inputs), Medium (6 frames), High (4 frames)
Defensive Settings Clatter Strength Relative strength of mashing out of grabs, buries, etc. None, Normal (8 frames between inputs), Medium (6 frames), High (4 frames)
Defensive Settings Ledge Options Actions to be taken when on the ledge Neutral getup, ledge roll, ledge attack, wait
Defensive Settings Ledge Delay How many frames to delay the ledge option 0 to 300 frames (5 seconds) in increments of 10 frames
Defensive Settings Tech Options Actions to take when slammed into a hard surface Miss tech, tech in place, tech roll in, tech roll out
Defensive Settings Mistech Options Actions to take after missing a tech Neutral getup, getup attack, roll in, roll out
Defensive Settings Shield Toggles CPU Shield Behavior None, Infinite (no shield damage or decay), Hold (no shield decay until the shield is hit for the first time), Constant (no shield decay)
Defensive Settings Shield Tilt Direction to tilt the shield Neutral, out, up-out, up, up-in, in, down-in, down, down-out, left, right
Defensive Settings Buff Options Buff(s) to be applied to respective character when loading save states Acceleratle, Oomph, Psyche Up, Bounce, Arsene, Deep Breathing, Limit, K.O. Punch, Wing
Defensive Settings Character Item CPU/Player item to hold when loading a save state None, Player 1st Variation througher 8th variation, CPU 1st variation through 8th variation
----- ----- ----- -----
Misc Settings Mirroring Flips save states in the left-right direction across the stage center None, Alternate, Random
Misc Settings Save Damage Should save states retain player/CPU damage Yes, No
Misc Settings Enable Save States Should save states be enabled or disabled Yes, No
Misc Settings Save States Autoload Load save state when any fighter dies Yes, No
Misc Settings Frame Advantage Display the time difference between when the player is actionable and the CPU is actionable Yes, No
Misc Settings Hitbox Visualization Should hitboxes be displayed, hiding other visual effects Yes, No
Misc Settings Input Delay Frames to delay player inputs by 0 to 10 frames (0.167 seconds)
Misc Settings Stage Hazards Should stage hazards be present Yes, No
Misc Settings Quick Menu Should use the quick menu instead of the web menu Yes, No


The training modpack requires the following prerequisite packages:

To install the training modpack, download the .zip file from the latest release page. Extract the files from the .zip file using the file explorer on Windows or Mac, or a program such as 7-zip (windows) or unzip (Linux). Then transfer the extracted contents (atmosphere folder) onto the root of your SD card, merging the /atmosphere folder with the one on your SD card. No files need to be manually deleted when upgrading from a previous version. The SD card should have the below files at these locations.

SD Card Root
└── atmosphere
    └── contents
        └── 01006A800016E000
            ├── manual_html
            │   └── html-document
            │       └── training_modpack.htdocs
            │           ├── css
            │           │   └── training_modpack.css
            │           ├── img
            │           │   ├── aerial_delay.svg
            │           │   ├── air_dodge_dir.svg
            │           │   ├── attack_angle.svg
            │           │   ├── buff_state.svg
            │           │   ├── check.svg
            │           │   ├── clatter_strength.svg
            │           │   ├── di_state.svg
            │           │   ├── falling_aerials.svg
            │           │   ├── fast_fall.svg
            │           │   ├── fast_fall_delay.svg
            │           │   ├── follow_up.svg
            │           │   ├── frame_advantage.svg
            │           │   ├── full_hop.svg
            │           │   ├── input_delay.svg
            │           │   ├── ledge_delay.svg
            │           │   ├── ledge_state.svg
            │           │   ├── mash_state.svg
            │           │   ├── mash_triggers.svg
            │           │   ├── miss_tech_state.svg
            │           │   ├── oos_offset.svg
            │           │   ├── pummel_delay.svg
            │           │   ├── quick_menu.svg
            │           │   ├── reaction_time.svg
            │           │   ├── save_damage.svg
            │           │   ├── save_state_enable.svg
            │           │   ├── save_state_mirroring.svg
            │           │   ├── sdi_state.svg
            │           │   ├── sdi_strength.svg
            │           │   ├── shield_state.svg
            │           │   ├── shield_tilt.svg
            │           │   ├── stage_hazards.svg
            │           │   ├── tech_state.svg
            │           │   ├── throw_delay.svg
            │           │   └── throw_state.svg
            │           └── js
            │               └── training_modpack.js
            └── romfs
                └── skyline
                    └── plugins
                        ├── libnn_hid_hook.nro
                        ├── libnro_hook.nro
                        ├── libparam_hook.nro
                        └── libtraining_modpack.nro

To install a beta version of the modpack, follow the same procedure using the latest beta release on Github. Beta releases may have additional features and bugfixes, but are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There was a switch update, can I install it?

    Whenever there is a switch update, you will need to update Atmosphere as well. To continue playing with mods, you should not install switch updates until there is a corresponding Atmosphere update. If you accidentally update your switch and there isn't an atmosphere update available yet, you can continue playing without mods by turning your switch fully off (hold the power button) then turning it back on normally.

  2. There was a smash update, can I install it?

    Yes, you can install updates to smash. The training modpack is generally resistant to changes in the game, so smash itself can be safely updated.

  3. Can my switch run the Training Modpack?

    Depending on when your switch was manufactured, the exploits used to allow access to mods may or may not be patched and it may be possible for you to run mods like the Training Modpack on your switch. Enter the serial number of your switch into to determine if your switch can be modded or not.

  4. My switch is patched, can I still install the Training Modpack?

    No, your switch cannot run the Training Modpack. Only units that were manufactured before a certain point can run custom firmware and game mods.

  5. My switch is "Possibly Patched", can I still install the Training Modpack?

    Possibly - it is not known whether your switch has the hardware patch installed or not. However, you can find out with no risk by completing the installation steps through step 12. If your switch launches into Atmosphere, then it is unpatched and you can run mods. If Tegra gives the message "Smashed the stack with a 0x0000 byte SETUP request!", then your switch is patched and cannot run mods.

  6. Do I need an emuMMC?

    No, an emuMMC is not required for smash mods. Using an emuMMC is complicated and a known ban risk when connected online, so it is not recommended.

  7. Can this mod be run on emulators?

    There is experimental support the Training Modpack on Ryujinx. Yuzu does not support Skyline (a prerequisite for loading the Training Modpack), so it cannot run the Training Modpack at this time.

  8. How do I know that I installed the Training Modpack correctly?

    When launching smash for the first time after installing the Training Modpack, you should receive a pop up notification confirming that you've installed it correctly. You can also check your SD card to make sure that you have all of the files installed in the correct location. If you have the following files, its likely that everything else is installed correctly as well. SD:/atmosphere/contents/01006A800016E000/exefs/main.npdm, SD:/atmosphere/contents/01006A800016E000/romfs/skyline/plugins/libtraining_modpack.nro

  9. How do I launch smash without the Training Modpack?

    Hold the L button as you are launching smash.

  10. I can launch smash, but the mod doesn't seem to be doing anything in training mode?

    This usually indicates that either the modpack or skyline was not installed in the correct location. Read the installation instructions again carefully, and ensure that you have placed all of the files in the exact locations specified.

  11. How do I open the menu?

    Hold the SPECIAL button and press UP TAUNT while in training mode. Typically this is B+DPAD UP, but do note that these are affected by your control scheme so if you have changed those inputs you need to adjust accordingly.

  12. Why does the menu open slowly?

    The menu uses a built-in web browser for its display, inputs, and styling. It takes about 2 seconds for the browser to open. If you prefer a quicker experience and are frequently opening the menu to adjust your settings, the beta release includes a "Quick Menu" with a different backend.

  13. Why are the save state mirroring positions slightly off on Town and City and Smashville?

    These two stages are actually slightly asymmetrical. On Smashville, the left side is 4 units longer than the right side. On Town and City, the left side is 2 units shorter than the right side. This asymmetry is not currently accounted for in the Training Modpack when mirroring save states.

  14. How do I install the Training Modpack?

    Full installation instructions are provided in the #setup-and-download Discord channel.

  15. How do I install an update to the Training Modpack?

    The process for installing and update is very similar to the initial installation. Download the new .zip file from the Github releases page, extract the contents, then drag the atmosphere folder to the root of your SD card. Any existing files will be replaced, so there is no need to delete any files manually.

  16. How do I install a beta release to the Training Modpack?

    To install a beta release, follow the same process as updating the Training Modpack. Download the beta .zip file from the Github releases page, extract the contents, and drag the atmosphere folder to the root of your SD card. Any existing files will be replaced, so there is no need to delete any files manually.

  17. How do I remove the Training Modpack?

    Removing the Training Modpack is as simple as deleting the files and folders that are associated with the modpack, listed below: SD:/atmosphere/contents/01006A800016E000/manual_html/html-document/training_modpack.htdocs/ SD:/atmosphere/contents/01006A800016E000/romfs/skyline/plugins/libnn_hid_hook.nro SD:/atmosphere/contents/01006A800016E000/romfs/skyline/plugins/libnro_hook.nro SD:/atmosphere/contents/01006A800016E000/romfs/skyline/plugins/libparam_hook.nro SD:/atmosphere/contents/01006A800016E000/romfs/skyline/plugins/libtraining_modpack.nro SD:/TrainingModpack/

  18. Can I donate to the Training Modpack?

    You can find the donation link in the #faq Discord channel. We use the money to commission video edits for releases, so thank you if you do end up donating!

  19. Do I have to repeat the process of installing the mods EVERY time I turn my switch on?

    The custom firmware Atmosphere stays loaded when the switch goes to sleep, but not if it is fully powered off. So you only need to go through the process of injecting the payload through TegraRCMGui when the switch is fully powered off, such as if the SD card is removed.

  20. I've heard about people getting banned while uing this mod online. Can I use this while playing online without getting banned?

    The Training Modpack features are only applied while in training mode and do not affect any of the other game modes outside of it, including online play. Smash online is client sided, so only the data that is sent to other players is available for inspection by Nintendo. Since the Training Modpack doesn't affect that data, the Training Modpack is safe to use when playing online. This conclusion is backed up by user experience, where many users have played online with the Training Modpack active and have suffered no adverse consequences. HOWEVER, please understand that there is inherent risk involved with smash modding, and no guarantee is made that your switch will not be banned. Other wifi-unsafe mods, unsportsmanlike online play, cheating, save editors, online emuMMC, pirating, and other activities may result in a ban. Nintendo has not published a list of ban-worthy activities, nor have they communicated that modding is acceptable, but these are several well-known causes from user experience. It is your responsibility to understand these risks, since it is your switch and your choices.

  21. Can I change the button combination to bring up the menu?

    This functionality is not supported at this time. However, it is a common request and we are looking into the possibility for the future.

  22. What features does the Training Modpack have? What does each option do?

    The Training Modpack has a wide array of features to improve training mode. Some of the more impactful improvements are the ability to save and load fighter positions, practice with hazards off, and adjust CPU behavior in certain scenarios. A full list and explanation of the different settings is available on the Github page here:

  23. I think I found a bug in the Training Modpack. How do I report it?

    First check in the #bug-reports channel and Github Issues to see if it has already been reported. If it hasn't, please collect as much information as you can about the bug (including how to reproduce it!) and submit it either in the #bug-reports Discord channel or as an issue on Github here:

  24. I have an idea for a new feature in the Training Modpack? How do I suggest it?

    Suggestions are always welcome! You can request new features in the #requests Discord channel. Please do keep in mind that the developers are volunteers with busy lives, so we may not be able to implement every suggestion, but we do read all requests in that channel and often prioritize features that are highly requested.

  25. What happens when I pick multiple options for a setting, such as mash or tech options?

    Some menu settings allow for multiple selections. When there are several settings selected, the CPU will randomly choose between the selections when that setting is triggered. For instance, if you have both "Ledge Jump" and "Neutral Getup" selected under "Ledge Options", then the CPU will randomly select between those two options when deciding what to do when it is on the ledge.

  26. How do I reset my Training Modpack settings?

    If you want to completely reset your menu selections back to the factory default, all you have to do is delete this file: SD:/TrainingModpack/training_modpack_menu.conf

  27. What input delay should I pick for practicing online?

    Good LAN connections can be simulated with an input delay of 3-5 frames. Poorer Wifi connections can be up to 6-8 frames.

  28. How do I install other mods, like skins or stages?

    You will need to use the Arcropolis mod manager to enable other types of mods. This discord is focused on the Training Modpack; more information on installation of other mods can be found in the general SSBU modding Discord, which is linked in the #welcome channel.

  29. Can I put the Training Modpack under my SD:/ultimate/mods folder?

    No, the Training Modpack is not supported in a chainloading configuration. Please only install in the recommended location.

  30. Are there any known mods that conflict with the Training Modpack?

    Currently the known conflicts are:

    • HewDraw Remix (HDR)
    • Minecraft Skins
    • Blujay's Hitbox Visualizer
  31. Who created the Training Modpack?

    jugeeya is the creator of the Training Modpack, along with its predecessor in Smash 4. There are a number of developers who contribute new features and bugfixes as well, listed on the contributors page:

  32. I want to contribute as a developer to the Training Modpack. How do I get started?

    If you'd like to help out as a developer, we welcome any contributions! The Training Modpack is written in Rust, and uses the Skyline framework to hook into existing Smash functions to add functionality to training mode. If you aren't already familiar with Rust, the Rust book is a great place to start familiarizing yourself with the syntax and structure: . You can also take a look through the existing codebase on Github to check out how everything works right now. It's all open source!

Build from Source

If you'd like to build the modpack starting from the source code, you can build the NRO using the standard command for skyline plugins:

cargo skyline build --release

To build the entire modpack including supporting files, use the steps in the Github Actions specification file.