suggestion for fixing issue: jugend/fgraph/issues/10 #11

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snnd commented Oct 2, 2011

fixes parsing error of access_token response when calling FGraph::oauth_access_token. issue: #10

jugend closed this Nov 20, 2011

Is there a reason why this was never merged into the gem? I ran into the same issue yesterday, and this fix did the trick.

snnd commented Jul 3, 2012

I never managed to create a proper test case for the bug-scenario, which of course was requested. The problem never seemed to appear at jugend.

Gotcha. I only ran into this problem after upgrading from REE 1.8.7 on Rails 3.0.10 to Ruby 1.9.3 on Rails 3.2.3. It may be environment-related. I'll try to look into writing a test for it.

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